Last Update: November 2002
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Schizoid Architecture
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Project concept / Galina Dimitrova

The project explores human perception of the relationship Space/Identity, typical for the Internet environment and the network experience. Space is dual: it’s the room you are in, but it is also the virtual environment, where you are transported in the process of networking. Hence the identity itself also splits: you are the one sitting in front of the computer, but also the one concentrated in the monitor with your mind transferred to the other net space and thus creating a new personal virtual image. Your personal space is the room you inhabit that is familiar and intimate. All the objects and the order you have built protect your personality from the outside world. You feel cozy and confident that no one else knows it and could penetrate or destroy this order. In the virtual space you create or get into completely different environments - you can be anybody there.

Everyone is invited to present his identity through creation of a 360 degrees virtual panorama from his private space. In the panoramic room the author put some interactive objects (video, audio, images, text) that can tell a kind of personal story and are key for communication with the visitors.

Placed in the Internet environment the panorama room is automatically linked with the other ones. Every room has an entrance and an exit, which is a gate the user can travel from interior to interior through links between the walls. You travel from one room to another, but you don’t have a guide, nor a map, or a tree structure. So you appear into a kind of a labyrinth with no beginning and end. There is a random link generator as a backbone of all the rooms, so you never know what is the next, who your neighbors are and to what geographic point their rooms are taken you... because it's a floating architecture and every trip within is unique and unpredictable.

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