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Schizoid Architecture
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You need to follow these steps to create your 360-degree panorama:

You can use every kind of photo or video camera to shoot your panorama. Position the camera in the middle of the interior and rotate the camera around itself. When shooting the space, you should try to move the camera as smoothly as you can. Or, if you are taking multiple stills of the space, make sure you have the right angle between the shots so you don�t miss parts of the space (usually 30 degrees between the shots is a good distance).

For best results you need to use an easel, which will fix the horizontal movement of the camera. Good light helps the quality of your pictures.


All pictures of the space should be put together in one image, in which beginning and end coincide.

To edit a complete panorama, use Reality Studio Application (it will merge all images in one), or any other graphics editor (Adobe Photoshop, Painshop...). Save the final image in JPG format.
The image shouldn�t exceed 150k.
Add multimedia

Use Reality Studio Application to turn your 360-degree panorama into a real multimedia presentation. Thus you can add to your panorama various kinds of media files: video, audio, animation, etc.

Please use this form to submit your completed panorama:

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