On The BG Track 04 - live cinema set


Place of the event: outdoor public spot in an urban environment

The action is a continuation of a series of artworks under the title On The BG Track. The whole series is a kind of identity tests and a research on the language of mass media (particularly cinema). All artworks under the title are based on the source of found footage – excerpts from five feature films, where there are dialogues concerning Bulgarian culture, as identity definitions. It is an investigation how moving image industry, as a mass media is dealing with the “OTHER”, the “EXOTIC”, the “UNKNOWN” cultures. The references in the movies are always weird, absurd, and irrelevant to any real facts.

Scenario: The action is based on two components – real event and found footage film material.
The two components are mixed live during the event and the mixed audiovisual coctail is projected on a screen in a public space.
The real event consists of a performative walks on stage of 10 “actors” (enthusiasts form the audience). Each of the “actors” is wearing a white t-shirt with printed color image A3 format either on the back or on the front of the t-shirt. The printed image is a still frame, taken from one of the five feature films. Each film dialogue is represented by a sequence of three still frames. The walks are arranged in a circle, referencing the fashion show rituals. A camera follows the walking persons, jumping from one person to another, trying to finish each shot of a person with a close-up to the printed color image on the back/front of the t-shirt. After each three persons (shaping a dialogue from one film) the image from the camera is fading out and replaced by a sequence from the actual film. After the end of the film excerpt it is replaced again with an image from the real performance. Camera follows the next three persons in the line, representing the next film, and after the third of them the image shifts again to the actual film excerpt. The scenario continues in this order until the last five film excerpt finishes, and starts allover again. In order to be fully perceived and understood by the audience a repetition of at least 3 times is desirable.

Time line: Circa 45 min. total running time for the performance (each section of real + film story ~2:30 min. long, 11:50 min. one circle, possibly repeated 2 times)

Tech. Description: 10 t-shirts with color prints; stage dimensions ~2/10 m.; lightning, suitable for video shooting (may be a series of spot lights); 3CCD MiniDV Camera; batteries pack; video camera tripod; 2 VHS players; audio/video mixer ( minimum 3 a/v inputs and possibilities for simple cross fade; video projector; video screen (minimum 2/3 m.); Sound system – Amplifier + Loudspeakers.

Team: cameraman, live feed video editor, 10 actors