InterSpace Association and Sofia Film Fest Present: Upgrade! Sofia with Bassam Kurdali, Miroslav Brozovic, Sebastian Koenig

Posted by i-space on August 22, 2010

After coming to Bulgaria as lecturers and trainers at TOSMI 2010, three of the most talented and pronounced Blender 3D artists will make a public presentation on 27th August 2010, Friday, Cinema House Sofia, 37 Ekzarh Yosif St., 14:00.

Bassam Kurdali, Miroslav Brozovic and Sebastian Koenig will talk about their newest ideas and projects involving animation with Blender 3D – currently on of the most powerful 3D content creation suites and the most successful and useful Open Source CGI application. Blender’s popularity and faithful following has been growing rapidly since its first release in 1998 and this year the revolutionary 2.5 version was realized.

Award winning animator and the director of Elephants Dream, Bassam Kurdali, has begun production on his latest short 5min-film entitled Tube. The project has been in pre-production for several months and is now heading into the production phase. Under the aegis of Arkipelago, an animation and software lab located in Hampshire college, Amherst, Massachusetts, Bassam is continuing to explore a model that capitalizes on commonwealth. He teaches, writes and lectures around the world on open production and free software technique and also trains in the United States as an electrical and software engineer.

The Blender Foundation certified trainer Sebastian Koenig will talk about integrating Blender into a professional production pipeline. That involves camera-tracking, modeling, camera-mapping and of course compositing. Integrating CG and 3D-content into real-life footage is one of the essential tasks in the VFX film-industry. With its modeling, animation and compositing tools Blender can be a valuable tool in a FX pipeline, and Sebastian will present ways to integrate it in such a pipeline, using Syntheyes for camera-tracking and Blender for rendering and compositing.

With his 10 years of experience in 3D (5 of which actively working with Blender), Miroslav Brozovic has been using it for freelance videos, stills and games ever since. Miro has also been involved as a trainer in several 3D workshops. Based on accumulated knowledge and experience, Miroslav is going to talk about the Blender community in Croatia – its development and current state.

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