TOSMI 2010 – Advanced Blender Course

Posted by i-space on August 29, 2010

TOSMI 2010 offered two six-day courses this August in Sofia, Bulgaria. The courses covered introduction to Blender and advanced animation techniques in Blender 2.5 and were presented by some of the best Blender artist – Bassam Kurdali (USA), Sebastian Koenig (Germany), Miroslav Brozovic (Croatia), Igor Krizanovskij (Slovenia) and the sound designer Veselin Zografov (Bulgaria)

There were 15 participants and 3 trainers involved in the courses. The first course, held from 16-21 August, served as a general introduction to Blender and was designed to lead the participants through the entire production process. The second course, held from 23-28 August, put emphasis on advanced Blender techniques. Participants made a professional portfolio/demo reel in Blender 2.5. Each training day lasted 8 hours and included a balanced mix of theory and practice.

Here are the final videos:

Master of Finals, Team Cherry’s project

Zorbie, Team Strawberry’s project

More information about the TOSMI project.

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